Daily Specials

Football Sunday

Open Sunday 12pm to 6pm Live Jazz Band Mothers Day Feast $15.99 Mothers eat free with a guest

Monday Special

Carry Out Orders(330)478-1005 Dine in Grub Hub, Door Dash, Uber Eats .Liquor to go $5.99 Salmon Burger w/ fries $9.99 Salmon Patty Dinner $6.00 Pork Chop Sandwich w/ fries $7.99 Rib basket We Now Have Collard greens and Homemade Mac & Cheese

Taco Tuesday

Carry Out Orders(330)478-1005 Dine In Grub Hub, Door Dash ,Uber Eats Liquor to go $5.00 3 Taco Beef or Chicken Soft or Hard $6.00 3 Fish Tacos

Wednesday special

Carry out orders(330) 478-1005 or Dining In or Grub Hub Door Dash or Uber Eats $5.00 Burger and Fries $6.00 Pork Chop Sandwich w/Fries $7.00 1/2 Sandwich w/Cup of Soup Irish Onion, Chili, Chicken Noodle $7.00 Walleye Sandwich W/Fries

Thursday Specials

Dine in or Carry Out (330) 478- 1005 Grub Hub or Door Dash or Uber Eats Now Serving breakfast 7a - noon thurs - sun $7.00 Beer Battered Mushrooms $5.00 2pc Fried Chicken & Joes $2.00 Brats $3.00 Chili Dogs $10.00 Strip Steak Dinner w/ 2 sides

Friday Fish Specials

Carry Out or Dine in Uber Eats ,Door Dash, Grub Hub (330)478-1005 Fridays Specials $5,00 Fish Sandwich w/ fries $5.00 Salmon Burger w/ fries $5.00 2 pc Chicken w/ Joes $8.00 Sauerkraut Balls $6.00 Jalapeno Potato bytes $7.00 Beer Battered Mushrooms

Burger Saturday

PULL TAB ARE BACK COME IN A GET A BIG WIN!!! STRIP STEAK Dinner choice of potato and salad $10.00 Burger & Fries $5.00 2 PC Dark Chicken $3.50 Mixed $4.00 White $5.00 Pork Chop Sandwich $6.00